Pranusanguni - San Basilio (Cagliari) Italy


Information for Observers

SRT is under maintenance and upgrade.

Full operations will resume during 2018 and a new call for proposals will be announced by early 2019. 

On these pages, you will find more information about SRT scientific operations (including new AOs for Guest Observers, Target of Opportunities, VLBI schedules) and related documentation and manuals.

For information about SRT science capabilities, see this paper "The Sardinia Radio Telescope: from a technological project to a radio observatory"  by I. Prandoni, M. Murgia, A. Tarchi, M. Burgay, P. Castangia, E. Egron, F. Govoni, A. Pellizzoni, R. Ricci, S. Righini et al. (36 more) , 2017, A&A, 608, A40.

First science results from the Commissioning and Early Science Programs are reported in "Science with SRT" pages

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