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Pranusanguni - San Basilio (Cagliari) Italy


Information for observers

The Sardinia Radio Telescope is a 64-metre single-dish radio telescope. It is located near San Basilio, Sardinia, Italy, about 40 Km north of Cagliari (Lat 39° 29' 34.93742"  N Long 9° 14' 42.5764", WGS84).

In the following sections, the astronomers can find  informations helping them to observe  with the SRT:

SRT General Description, technical commissioning information, and first light results  can be found in the techical commissioning paper  P.Bolli et. al, Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, Vol. 4, Nos. 3 & 4 (2015) 1550008.


Target of Opportunity (ToO) proposals are welcome at the SRT and can be submitted to the SRT Officer-in-Charge Ettore Carretti (carretti AT The observations at the SRT are not conducted in service-mode and, if the project is approved, it will up to the proposing team to organise and conduct the observations. The SRT is an Early Science Programme where the observing teams are required to include expert observers of the SRT, we require that also the ToO proposing team includes at least one of them.