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Pranusanguni - San Basilio (Cagliari) Italy


Lab and infrastructures

In 2011 the building contractor in charge for the construction of the offices, laboratories, visitor center, guest-house etc. got bankrupted before finishing the work. The administrative procedure took two years before appointing a new company to complete the civil buildings. In the meantime, all the instrumentation has been installed in a standard civil shelter.

Similar solutions have been adopted for the control room, the conference room, and for other services. A data center hosting the switch core of the station has been realized in one of shelters which are connected each other by optical fibers. Internal connections and addressing between devices have been realized using four private C-class network.

Voice over IP devices have been adopted for internal and external telephony.

Fiber connection between SRT and WAN will be realized in near future, based on DWDM technology, providing bandwidth multiple of 2.5 Gb/s. GPU/CPU-based clusters for data storage and pre-processing will be installed as well. Presently, the site is connected with two satellite links, providing 8/2 Mb/s and 4/1 Mb/s download/upload bandwidths.

The current time-path foresees to have the civil buildings completed within 2014 Q1.