Pranusanguni - San Basilio (Cagliari) Italy


Early Science Program FEB 2016


ID Project Name PI 
S0001 SRT Multi-frequency Observations of Galaxy Clusters Matteo  Murgia
S0003 Proper motions and star formation activity of Local Group dwarf galaxies  Andrea Tarchi
S0004 Class I methanol masers: shock tracers in deeply embedded sources  Silvia  Leurini
S0005 A new view on the family of the eclipsing pulsars  Andrea Possenti
S0006 Radio follow-up of gravitational radiation sources with SRT  Andrea Possenti
S0007 Mapping the microwave emission of Andromeda: filling the gap between radio and IR emission                   Elia Stefano Battistelli
S0008 Searching for pulsars at high frequency in the Galactic Center region  Maria Noemi  Iacolina        
S0009 Constraining Cosmic Rays Production in Supernova Remnants with SRT  Alberto  Pellizzoni
S0010 The Large European Array for Pulsars  Delphine  Perrodin
S0011 Determining the kinetic temperature of star-forming molecular clouds across the outer Galaxy  Jan  Brand
S0013 Monitoring of neutron star and black hole X-ray binaries with the SRT  Elise  Egron
S0014 Polarimetric multi-frequency observations of a complete sample of radio sources  Roberto  Ricci
S0015 Launching a radio pulsar timing program at SRT  Marta  Burgay