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Pranusanguni - San Basilio (Cagliari) Italy


Time and freq. distribution

Since August 2012 the atomic frequency standard produced by a T4Science® Hydrogen Maser (enclosed in a fully dedicated temperature controlled cooling box) is in operation. A monitoring program of all its operating parameters has been implemented. Timing offset with respect to GPS has shown a small overall long term drift that we will manage to keep within 6 μs per year, with a single annual reset. A Rubidium standard as an emergency backup of the H-Maser is available.

For the antenna pointing an IRIG-B generator synchronizes the antenna control unit. We are currently in the process to improve both the timing resolution and overall reliability, by putting on line a new CNS® II timing GPS module.

After the completion of the civil infrastructures, the timing station based on two Cesium clocks and currently hosted at the Headquarter of the Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari will be moved to the SRT site.