Pranusanguni - San Basilio (Cagliari) Italy


Antenna control software

The SRT control software, named DISCOS, is based on the ALMA Control Software framework, and is designed according to a distributed object pattern that eases the deployment of the systems over the LAN. It allows observers to control most of the subsystems by means of a user interface: the antenna mount, the receivers and the back-ends. DISCOS is also provided with a scheduling system to allow the realization of complex observing strategies (e.g. on-the-fly mapping and cross scans over radio sources). The implementation of the minor servo-systems (e.g. sub-reflector, primary focus positioner and BWG main mirror) allows SRT to switch focus and frequency within just a few minutes. The active surface is also included in the control software: it currently allows the switching of the main mirror profile from 'shaped' to parabolic; it will also allow the profile correction as a function of the elevation to correct for mirror deformations. Moreover, for the astronomers who will be observing at the SRT, two workstations were set up in the control room, in order to prepare the observations, run the user interface, monitor the status of the system, and finally retrieve the data.